these are the faces of

the housing crisis

We need you to speak up for Housing and help keep Cape Cod a thriving, year-round community!

The Problem

Essential workers –people with good paying, full-time jobs— can’t afford to live on Cape Cod anymore because housing has become so expensive and limited. The average price for a single-family home on Cape Cod is more than $650,000. That means a family would need to make $210,000 a year to buy a house. But the average homeowner only makes $82,000 a year. It’s forcing workers from all industries and income levels to move off-Cape in search of housing that fits their budgets. 

They are the Cape’s missing middle, and they are essential to our quality of life. They are our neighbors, our family, our friends—maybe even you.

As a result:

Local firehouses are understaffed

Police stations struggle to hire new recruits

Wait times for treatment are increasing at healthcare facilities

Families are scrambling to find a stable place to live

Elderly people are struggling to age in place

The time to act is now!

Otherwise, we risk losing the people who help make and keep Cape Cod a vibrant and attractive community to live in, work and visit.

Who We Are

The Housing to Protect Cape Cod Coalition was formed in 2022 to turn the tide on the housing crisis.

We are made up of organizations that span industries, from nonprofits to businesses.  

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Home Builders & Remodeling Association of Cape Cod
Cape Cod & Islands Association of REALTORS® Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our friends, family and neighbors to speak up for housing in towns across the region. We provide workshops to teach people how to frame an argument and speak to a town board, and we help those who would like to seek election or appointment to a local office gain the skills they need to win a seat. We organize housing advocates to take action in their town to support pro-housing policies. 

Our Vision

Our vision is a Cape Cod with a variety of housing types to fit the needs of all residents without sacrificing the natural beauty we have worked so hard to protect. 

The Cape is losing more than


families a year earning $100k or less


We support zoning changes that will:

Streamline permitting processes for proposed housing projects

Encourage reimagining built spaces to accommodate housing and commercial opportunities 

Make it possible for residents to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on their property 

Make it easier to build thoughtful, appropriate housing stock in towns across Cape Cod

Speak up for Housing and help keep Cape Cod a thriving, year-round community!


july, 2024