Housing Petition

The average worker on Cape Cod cannot afford to rent or own the median priced home on Cape Cod. It’s not sustainable. Our workforce needs housing or we will lose them. And, the Cape Cod we love will disappear. If we want to save our communities, we have to build housing — smaller homes built closer together that our workforce can afford. Since the Cape has limited space available to build, moderate density housing is needed to solve our housing crisis and protect our natural resources by preserving open spaces and preventing more sprawl.

We are signing this petition to let our local leaders know that increasing workforce housing is important in our town.

We are asking our town to take urgent action on housing:

  1. update zoning to allow for multi-family, higher density housing in appropriate areas,
  2. quickly issue and review Requests for Proposals for housing developments, and
  3. streamline reviews and public input processes for proposed housing projects.

Our thriving village centers demonstrate that housing diversity and density is part of the Cape’s traditional community character and critical to preserve our way of life. Please help us build more housing to protect Cape Cod.