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About David Quinn

David joined Housing Assistance in December 2016 as Assistant Director of Housing Development, before moving into the Director role in 2019. David co-authored HAC’s widely quoted report, “Housing On Cape Cod: The High Cost of Doing Nothing” and he helped..

About Stefanie Coxe

Through her activism training and government affairs consulting business, Nexus Werx LLC, Stefanie Coxe trains advocates and nonprofits to effectively lobby and helps them develop achievable advocacy plans.  An expert on changing housing laws, Stefanie has worked with organizations such..

About Matt Levesque

Matthew Levesque, Town Councilor for Precinct 12, lives in Marstons Mills with his wife, Liane, and family. He has an enduring passion for service in Barnstable and has devoted countless hours to making his town a better place. He has..

About Amanda Converse

Amanda Converse is the co-founder and Executive Director of Love Live Local, an organization founded in 2013, dedicated to strengthening Cape Cod’s local economy by promoting the importance of supporting small businesses and fostering a thriving community. Through education, advocacy,..

Leslie Sandberg Leslie Sandberg

About Leslie Sandberg

Leslie Sandberg’s thirty-year career in the public sector has established her as an expert in strategic communications and public policy. She has advised labor unions, non-profits, advocacy groups, political candidates, and elected officials how to handle public affairs issues and..

About Elizabeth Jenkins

Elizabeth Jenkins is an experienced municipal government leader and manager with extensive experience in community planning and a passion for creating authentic, resilient, and equitable communities. Currently the Planning and Development Director in Barnstable, she has proven experience in the..

Rob Brennan Rob Brennan

Rob Brennan and John Smolak, Smolak & Vaughn, LLP

About Rob Brennan Robert L. Brennan, Jr. is an attorney, real estate professional, and public speaker with an accomplished law, politics, and housing development background. Rob is Counsel at the law firm of Smolak & Vaughan LLP, representing real estate..

New Partnership with Love Live Local

In an effort to foster community growth and address pressing issues, Love Live Local and Housing to Protect Cape Cod have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at advocating for housing and small businesses on Cape Cod. As a nonprofit organization dedicated..

Wins Achieved for Housing at Fall Town Meetings Across the Cape & Islands

Voters across the region approved pro-housing articles that will ease the worsening housing crisis in the Fall 2023 Town Meeting cycle.

Hundreds Attend 2nd Annual Housing to Protect Cape Cod Summit

HYANNIS, MASS.—More than 300 state and local officials, business leaders and community advocates gathered Thursday for the second annual Housing to Protect Cape Cod (HPCC) Summit. Attendees heard about progress made since the HPCC coalition was launched in 2022 and..

Leaders and Residents Search for Solutions at Falmouth Town Huddle

A housing crisis equals a labor crisis. That was the theme of the day at the recent Falmouth town huddle of about two dozen residents, community leaders and business owners. “What we hear at the Chamber constantly from our members..

Advocates Across Cape Cod Help Make Town Meeting Season a Success for Housing Efforts

Thanks to your hard work, you helped pass: These measures help support housing for our year-round workforce – the people who make our community and economy work. But there is more to be done; we’re losing nearly 1,000 households that make..

Residents and Town Leaders Explore Solutions to Housing Crisis at Harwich Huddles

Teachers, firefighters and other residents are being “priced out of paradise,” Alan Hall, director of facilities at Outer Cape Health, told a room of about 40 people at a recent Harwich town huddle. The solution to the housing crisis, according..

Workshop offers Tips and Tools for New Housing Advocates

Speaking up for housing makes sense to many would-be advocates, but, for some, public speaking can be intimidating. That’s why Housing Assistance is hosting a series of workshops aimed at making people more comfortable with taking a public stand. The..

Town Huddles Convene to Advance HPCC Goals on the Local Level 

Housing Assistance’s advocacy team is also organizing on the local level, building on the energy from November’s Housing to Protect Cape Cod (HPCC) summit, which drew over 350 people. Ann Schiffenhaus, director of community relations and advocacy, said the coalition..

Advocacy Efforts Move Forward Following HPCC Summit with Regional Strategy Sessions

Some 30 business, government, and nonprofit leaders from around the Cape and Islands gathered in January to discuss regional solutions to the ongoing housing crisis. The sessions were convened as one of the next steps for the Housing to Protect..


The acronym NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) has been used since the 1980s to describe resistance to everything from housing developments to live music at the neighborhood bar. A more extreme version is BANANA – short for Build Absolutely..

Housing to Protect Cape Cod Official Launch and Summit

Whether you’re a renter concerned about where you’ll live next year, a small business owner struggling with staffing, or a municipal official looking for solutions, Housing Protect Cape Cod has solutions and tools for you. Join us at the official..

Advocating for the Cause — Esin Sozer

Advocating for the Cause —Esin Sozer Esin Sozer and her husband managed to purchase a home, but the challenges of the experience spurred her to become an advocate for affordable housing. Sozer, her husband Chris Grove and their son JT..

The Solution

Introducing Housing to Protect Cape Cod With Cape Cod experiencing an unprecedented crisis in housing, local leaders are looking for new approaches. “We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results,” said Alisa Magnotta, Housing Assistance chief executive..

The Problem

In the 12-month period ending June 30 of this year, Housing Assistance received 529 calls from Cape residents who said their landlord was selling their unit and they would need to find new housing, according to Cassi Danzl, Housing Assistance..