Interested in how housing trusts work? This workshop walks through the options for setting up a housing trust and includes local examples from Provincetown and Nantucket. 

Housing Trusts 101 Workshop for Municipal Leaders (pre-recorded)

With Rob Brennan, Smolak & Vaughn LLP,  David Quinn, VP Real Estate Development for Housing Assistance,  Leslie Sandberg, Provincetown Select Board Member and  Tucker Holland, Nantucket Housing Director

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40Y and 40B The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Rob Brennan and John Smolak offer an opportunity to discuss the state statutes that affect us all with housing development. What are the rules surrounding the statutes? Why is 40Y important for first-time homebuyers? How can towns use them to their advantage?

Form-Based Code and Housing Production

We discussed the implementation of form-based codes in municipal planning, with a focus on Barnstable’s experience. The benefits of this approach, such as increased housing production and improved downtown character, were highlighted. Challenges of housing production and how form-based codes can address them were also discussed. The conversation included examples of form-based code projects in Barnstable and a discussion on land value taxation versus property taxes. Elizabeth Jenkins emphasized the importance of community outreach and engagement in the development process. The meeting concluded with a discussion on the use of some form of standards to incentivize affordable housing.

Year-Round Deed Restrictions

Need another tool in your housing toolbox? Leslie Sandberg, Provincetown Select Board member, led a discussion on April 10th, including her experiences introducing Year-Round Deed Restrictions in her community. The program is modeled after one in Vail, Colorado, and aims to deed-restrict properties to reserve them for housing for year-round residents.