The acronym NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) has been used since the 1980s to describe resistance to everything from housing developments to live music at the neighborhood bar. A more extreme version is BANANA – short for Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.

Of course, every force has a counterforce – and that’s where YIMBY comes in. An acronym for Yes In My Back Yard, YIMBY has become a rallying cry in communities across the country in need of new affordable housing options.

Among other things, YIMBY proponents seek zoning changes to legalize multifamily housing and allow denser housing in village centers.

Housing supporters encouraged to Take the YIMBY Pledge

“People’s support of housing tends to be directly correlated to how close it is to their backyard,” explained Stefanie Coxe, Housing Assistance’s chief external affairs officer.

“Being a YIMBY requires mindfulness: Am I living my values? Maybe I feel a little discomfort with change, but my mindset is ‘How do I get myself to yes’ instead of that knee-jerk ‘no’ reaction.”

The Cape Cod YIMBY pledge:

  • Join the Coalition
  • Respond to outreach from Housing Assistance staff when notified of opportunities to train, engage, and make your voice heard on housing.
  • Commit not to oppose or water down housing proposals in your community


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